Artist statement

My career as an actress allows me to better understand the staging, to express a wide palette of feelings, to explore human emotions and transpose all this onto canvas. I challenge myself to succeed in communicating emotions through the body’s language. 

« Elle est une voleuse d’âme » (she is a thief of souls), said Paul Lefebvre, assistant artistic director of Denys Marleau at the French theatre of the NAtional Arts Centre (Ottawa, Canada), as he viewed my paintings. As a visual artiste who has had this parallel career as an actress, I have had the privilege of being able to express a palette of feelings thanks to this mariage of two trades, a conjugation of experiences that has allows me  to explore and express the complexity of human beings. This conjugation of two modes of representation produces a densifying  effect: theatre seeks to discover what is essential and  the painting seeks to capture and to make visible this essence of this essential. In my paintings that were inspired by productions of plays, instead of copying the director’s staging, I created and transposed from the theatrical creation, working closely with some of the production’s actors/actresses.  My paintings thus trans-temporal witnesses of the play that, for its part, was ephemereal. 

Since 2015, my inspiration is no longer primarily taken from the theatre. The body language of my models must express a certain poetry.  I more and more explore the realm of fantasy and I love to paint the texture of clothing.  Having drawn on theatrical productions for some time, I now go within my own imaginary world or I sometimes get inspired by books. My oil colours are very saturated. The spontaneity of my movements is increased and the spatula and the brush are infused with a new energy. I adore the body of women, I love to paint their bodies and, increasingly, feminine subjects on the canvas bear resemblance to my reflection.  Bit by bit, I am tearing away my own mask and thus I am revealing myself to me.